Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS)

BEST Steam and Water Analysis Systems - SWAS

Control Your Steam Quality

  • Increase lifetime of your steam applications
  • Prevent corrosion in boilers and pipelines
  • Optimize steam chemical composition
  • Extract true representative samples of your steam water cycle

completely Rack mounted steam & water analysis systems

Mechatest Sampling Solutions is a global company and well known for it’s intelligent steam and water sampling, collection and analyser solutions.

The Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) solutions are designed with worlds best-in-class instrumentation parts to keep the reability of your water steam analysis safe at all times and to protect your plant from corrosion and scaling. As a result, you save maintenance costs, minimize downtime and prolong the operational life for your power plant. 

SWAS systems Best Instruments and Mechatest Sampling

Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS), Analysis of pH, Conductivity, Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphate, Chlorides, TOC for power plant stations

  • For apllications Demi Water
  • Feedwater
  • Condensate
  • Boiler Water
  • LP Drum Water
  • LP/HP Steam
  • Life Steam
  • Main Steam Demi Water
  • LP Drum Water

SWAS systems Best Instruments and Mechatest Sampling
Mechatest SWAS Brochure - English
Steam & Water Analysis Systems - SWAS brochure
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About us

BEST Steam and Water Analysis Systems - SWAS systems Best Instruments and Mechatest Sampling

Mechatest Sampling Solutions offer you high quality and innovative products in sampling systems and analytical measurement technology. We are a independent system integrator in analysers (with brands like Swan, Yokogawa, Endress & Hauser, Mettler Toledo, Emerson, etc. We are a specialist and manufacturer of steam and water sample conditioning and collection systems.

BEST Steam and Water Analysis Systems - SWAS

The system solutions group brings the best of the company concerning analytical equipment and sampling 
systems. We have a deep understanding about your analytical issues and a broad experience in Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) which are used in:

  • Power plants 
  • Potable water industry 
  • Sewage treatment 
  • Petro-chemical industry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Pharmaceutical

With more then 40 years of totally experience we offer our clients high quality and innovative products in sampling systems and analytical measurement technology.

SWAS systems Best Instruments and Mechatest Sampling

Mechatest Sampling Solutions in The Netherlands is a leading manufacturer & worldwide supplier of liquid sampling and gas sampling systems like;

Our Brands

Sentry sample coolers

Sentry Equipment manufactures the largest variety of sampling components available for water, steam and process sampling. The essential elements of representative sampling are precise temperature, pressure and flow control - these are at the core of any good sampling system. 

Herpi sample coolers

Herpi International manufactures sample coolers for water, steam and process sampling. 

Schramm polyester cabinets

SCHRAMM has developed and produced individual solutions for Cabinets and Shelters, Heating Systems and Temperature measurement.
Standard housing or a customized solution, complete housing or walk-in analysis container.

A special strength of Schramm are the protective housings made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) which are covered with a smooth gelcoat surface that protects the material from aggressive atmospheres. Extremely durable, extremely UV and chemical-resistant.

In addition to bespoke production of  cabinet solutions for the broadest range of applications, SCHRAMM also offers you an extensive range of accessories, e.g. extensions for Ex-zones, extensions for fire prevention, special door designs and extensive advance installations to shorten the work on the construction site.

We focus on solutions!

When you expect a good reliable, accurate, safe and fast response on-line analysis you need the best practise experience from experts for your complete analyser system.

Besides the analysers mounted in a general purpose cabinet there are possibilities for ATEX solutions in zone 1 and 2.

Good equipment deserves proper housing

BEST ATEX Water Analysis Systems

Putting the Sample pre-conditioning and the Analysers together it will result in the solutions we can offer you; like analyser panels, racks, SWAS panels, freestanding racks, complete shelters or containers. These solutions can be delivered on request with heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), etc. Our solutions will increase your performance and decrease the costs by giving immediately good analysing results. This will result in an optimum control of all your processes.